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At Easy Plastic Containers Corporation, we bring your plastic container concepts to life. With our reputation as a leading manufacturer of extrusion blow molded products, we specialize in plastic bottles and containers for various sections of the market such as: Health and Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Automotive, Agricultural, Lawn and Garden, and Household cleaning products.

To achieve product distinctiveness and practicality, a selection of bottles can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes, textures and materials. Materials include polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and PET-G.


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    Designed and engineered with the highest regard to quality control. You can rest assured our bottles will meet and exceed your needs and requirements.

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    Easy Plastic Containers Corporation is an established privately-held Canadian company based in the greater Toronto area. We are committed to provide our customers high quality blow-molding plastic products, exceptional service and competitive prices.

    Location: 101 Jardin Road

    101 Jardin Drive, Concord, ON, Canada

    Location: 70 Doney Crescent

    70 Doney Crescent, Concord, ON, Canada

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