Producing fully customized blow-molded containers

At Easy Plastic Containers Corporation, we operate on a 24 hour, 7 days a week schedule with over 100 employees on staff and we are guided by industry SPI standards for internal in-house policies to ensure all processes are standardized. Which means your products will be consistent and exactly what you ordered, and ON TIME, EVERY TIME.

Capability Index

Review the chart below for the specific size options that range from 100mm to 220mm ounce bottle capacities.

Single Head X X X X
Dual 100mm X X X X
Dual 125mm X X X X
Dual 140mm X X X X
Dual 180mm X
Dual 220mm X
Triple 50mm X
Triple 100mm X X X X
Triple 125mm X
Triple 150mm X
Quad 70mm X
Quad 100mm X